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bullet2006-June 22--Bill "Dock" Walls, candidate for Chicago mayor on Chicago Tonight (.wmv)
bullet2005-March 15--Friends of Meigs walkout from Park District hearings on Meigs redevelopment (QuickTime .mov)
bullet2003-May--Friends of Meigs TV spot for state legislation (.mov)
bullet2003-March 30-31-Digital video of destruction occurring (.mpg)
bullet2002 Congressional hearings on Chicago airport expansion
bullet Rep. Ehlers (R, MI) supporting Meigs Field
bullet Mayor Daley disputing Rep. Ehlers
bulletRep. Ehlers' reply
bullet Rep. Boswell (D, IA) supporting Meigs

1998 EAA Segment on the Friends of Meigs Field
(Originally aired on SpeedVision, .wmv)
Broadband (400Kb sec / 7.8 MB)  Dial-Up (45Kb sec / 880 KB)


1996 "Mission Possible--Save Meigs Field" (12:25, 2 parts)



bullet2004-February 4--Paul Harvey supporting Meigs "Mr. Mayor, you're wrong"
bullet2003-December 11--Friends of Meigs radio ad for Park District budget hearings (.mp3)
bullet2003-April 29--Rush Limbaugh on Meigs closure
bullet2003-April 2--Recording of near midair collision after runway was bulldozed (MP3 or WAV)
bullet2001-June 16--CBS Channel 2 "town hall meeting re: airports": Rep. Danny Davis on Meigs Field
bullet2000 Meigs Field Open House Radio Ad (Read Audio)
bullet1999 Meigs Field Open House Radio Ad (Read Audio)
bullet1998-July--EAA Oshkosh Meet the Administrator forum (Jane Garvey) (Download Real Audio Player--free)
bullet1996-July--EAA Oshkosh Meet the Administrator forum (David Hinson) (Download Real Audio Player--free)

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